Kingdom.Training’s M2DMM Strategy Development Course will introduce you to the 10 most basic elements needed to craft a M2DMM strategy for your context.

  • Clarify your vision, what you want to see happen as a result of your ministry.
  • Select the best media platform for your context.
  • Start an effective prayer network.
  • Research God’s work in your target people group to guide your strategy and content.
  • Identify your strategy’s critical path for the sake of future experimentation and evaluation.


  • Evaluate your current ability to make disciples who make disciples, and point you to Biblical training that will help you do so.
  • Create and use media content that helps seekers progress step-by-step on their spiritual journeys.
  • Get started using online advertisements.
  • Evaluate your media strategy’s effectiveness for the sake of continual upgrading. 

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Course Curriculum

Welcome to Kingdom.Training 00:05:00
Getting Started 00:02:00
Step 1. Disciple Making Movements Training
DMM Training Options 00:25:00
Step 2. Vision
Define Success 00:30:00
Step 3. Extraordinary Prayer
Design a Prayer Strategy 00:40:00
Step 4. Personas
What is a Persona? 00:40:00
Step 5. Critical Path
Identify the Steps Needed to Fulfill the Vision 00:25:00
Step 6. Offline Strategy
Meeting Seekers Face-to-Face 01:00:00
Step 7. Media Platform
Identify Your Media Platform 00:35:00
Security 00:10:00
Step 8. Name and Branding
What should you consider as you develop your brand? 00:25:00
Step 9. Content
Widen the Path to Christ 00:40:00
Step 10. Targeted Ads
Promote your Content 00:30:00
Innovate, Test, Evaluate, Adjust… Repeat 00:15:00
Roles Needed for Launch 00:04:00
Your M2DMM Strategy Plan 00:02:00
Submit Media to DMM Strategy Plan UNLIMITED
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