Kingdom.Training’s M2DMM Strategy Development Course will introduce you to the 10 most basic elements needed to craft a M2DMM strategy for your context.

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About the Course

This course will help you use media to accelerate disciple making movements by training you to:

  • Clarify your vision, what you want to see happen as a result of your ministry.
  • Select the best media platform for your context.
  • Start an effective prayer network.
  • Research God’s work in your target people group to guide your strategy and content.
  • Identify your strategy’s critical path for the sake of future experimentation and evaluation.


  • Evaluate your current ability to make disciples who make disciples, and point you to Biblical training that will help you do so.
  • Create and use media content that helps seekers progress step-by-step on their spiritual journeys.
  • Get started using online advertisements.
  • Evaluate your media strategy’s effectiveness for the sake of continual upgrading. 

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Kingdom.Training 00:05:00
Getting Started 00:02:00
Step 1. Disciple Making Movements Training
DMM Training Options 00:25:00
Step 2. Vision
Define Success 00:30:00
Step 3. Extraordinary Prayer
Design a Prayer Strategy 00:40:00
Step 4. Personas
What is a Persona? 00:40:00
Step 5. Critical Path
Identify the Steps Needed to Fulfill the Vision 00:25:00
Step 6. Offline Strategy
Meeting Seekers Face-to-Face 01:00:00
Step 7. Media Platform
Identify Your Media Platform 00:35:00
Security 00:10:00
Step 8. Name and Branding
What should you consider as you develop your brand? 00:25:00
Step 9. Content
Widen the Path to Christ 00:40:00
Step 10. Targeted Ads
Promote your Content 00:30:00
Innovate, Test, Evaluate, Adjust… Repeat 00:15:00
Roles Needed for Launch 00:04:00
Your M2DMM Strategy Plan 00:02:00
Submit Media to DMM Strategy Plan UNLIMITED

Course Reviews


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  1. Next Step in Defining Internet Outreach


    This course gave us the exact coaching we needed to take a good, big idea (share online) and turn it into a great, focused idea (share online using these principles). We love the multiplicative and group focused nature of the training. It fit perfectly with our values and we are excited to begin to see fruit among our neighbours.

  2. 5

    Very good training that we will come back to again as we progress further through the process

  3. Great Starting Point


    This course was great to really think through not only media but movements as well. What is it really going to take to see a movement and how can media be a catalyst to see it happen. I did find myself asking more and more questions as I got deeper into the material. The forum was great and all my questions that I posted were answered very quickly. Although there is a lot more to work through, this was a great course that also helped prepare me to cast vision to potential partners. I got the comment a lot of “wow you’ve really thought this through”. That was definitely because the course made me think everything through. It isn’t designed to provide every answer for every context but it is designed to get you started and asking the right questions.

  4. Just the tip of the iceberg...


    This course provides a thorough overview of the steps necessary to incorporate media in a DMM strategy. While detailed in its content, it is not overwhelming. The value of each step is clear.
    While I am just beginning this process, my experience thus far is that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Completing this course is simply the first step of many, many more (Lord willing) to seeing a DMM in my context. This course has provided me the confidence and road map for how to use social media to pursue this vision more broadly and more effectively.

  5. Thanks


    I have had years of ministry experience. I wish I had decided to learn Social Media tools earlier. Thank you for helping me deal with my ignorance

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