Innovate, Test, Evaluate, Adjust… Repeat

1. Read

Are we making disciples who make disciples?

Once you implement the first iteration of your M2DMM strategy, it is essential that you test and evaluate it. If your vision is to see disciples multiplying, you must always use that vision as your measuring stick. Identify the roadblocks that are preventing this from happening and adjust your M2DMM system according to priorities and available resources.  This evaluation phase will be a part of every iteration.

Consider these questions when you enter the evaluation phase:

General Overview

  • What M2DMM victories, no matter how small, can you praise God for?
  • What are the roadblocks that you are currently facing?
  • What is going well?
  • What is not going well?

Look at your critical path, at which point are seekers getting stuck? How can your content and offline meetings help make their road to Jesus easier and wider? The questions below may be able to help you answer this.

Online Platform

  • How many people are your ads reaching?
  • How many people are engaging on your media platform? (Comments, shares, clicks, etc)
  • What is the link click-thru rate for your ads?
  • How many people are contacting your platform expressing interest in meeting or receiving the Bible? How quickly are you responding back?
  • How well is your content being received? Is it producing engagement?
  • What kind of new content would be good to try in this next iteration?
  • Do you need to change how you organize anything?
  • What kind of additional skills are required to enhance your system? Can you learn them or do you need to recruit someone with these skills?
  • Is your media follow up system getting too big too quickly? Are too many contacts falling through the cracks? Maybe it is time you upgrade your system. Email us and let us know because we may have something to help you.


  • Do you have enough partners to meet with all of the interested seekers offline?
  • Do you need to recruit more partners? Do you need to filter seekers more online and send fewer through to be met with offline?
  • How is the relationship with your partners going? Are your values and strategies aligned?
  • Maybe consider starting a coalition of partners to meet consistently with and discuss how well the media and field are working together.

Offline Follow-up

  • How many churches and groups have formed?
  • Are groups starting new groups?
  • How many baptisms have happened? Are new disciples being empowered to baptize others?
  • How many contacts, originating from your media platform, have been met with face-to-face? How many first meetings turn into consecutive additional meetings?
  • What is the quality of those contacts? Are they merely curious, hungry, confused, resistant?
  • What common questions or concerns do these contacts have?
  • How many discipleship trainings are conducted?

2. Fill Out Workbook

Before marking this unit as complete, be sure to finish the corresponding questions in your workbook.