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Start with what you have.

Do you remember the first iteration of Facebook (2004), known formally as Thefacebook? The ‘Like’ button didn’t exist, nor the Newsfeed, Messenger, Live, etc. Many of the features we expect in Facebook today weren’t developed in the original.

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It would have been impossible for Mark Zuckerberg to launch today’s version of Facebook from his college dorm room more than a decade ago. Much of Facebook’s current technology simply didn’t exist. He just had to get started with what he had and with what he knew. From there, Facebook iterated over and over again and grew into what we experience today.

The biggest challenge is often getting started. Kingdom.Training will help you create a basic first iteration plan for a Media to Disciple Making Movements (M2DMM) strategy specific to your context.

A story of why a frustrated Eastern European team signed up for Kingdom.Training

About a year and a half ago, I was invited to a meeting of local Kingdom workers from all around our country representing 15 organizations. As we went around the table sharing a little bit about ourselves and our ministry plans for the year, it became clear to me that I wasn’t the only one frustrated with the lack not just of fruit but of momentum. Person after person shared the same thing, “It is a major struggle to find spiritually-seeking people.” That was followed up with a short explanation of their strategies. Out of the whole group, only one shared something new that he was trying, and he admitted that it was only out of sheer frustration and a total implosion of his previous strategy, that he had even stepped out into something new.

As I processed through some of the thoughts from that meeting, I was even more convinced that something was missing. Nobody said it would be easy, but where was the joy in suffering?

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