Getting Started

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Purpose of Course

Kingdom.Training’s Media to Movements Strategy Development Course is not a comprehensive training. It is designed to introduce you to the 10 core elements of launching a first iteration Media to DMM strategy. It will not provide all of the solutions but will help identify the first steps needed to begin. Implementation of each step is not expected within this course. Take this opportunity to brainstorm and create a plan for implementation upon completion.

By the end of this 10-step guide, you will have drafted a plan for launching a media strategy that will aid you in identifying spiritual seekers with whom you can begin meeting face-to-face. Then the tools and principles from your DMM training will help you guide these seekers to discover, share, and obey Christ offline.

How long does this course take?

This course is designed to be completed within 6-7 hours. This could be one long day or a couple of hours daily. We don’t recommend that you spread the training out longer than a week. Remember, it is crafted to help you draft a plan. The implementation part will happen later.

Who should take this course?

You can skim through this course alone. However, it would be beneficial to walk through these steps with key members of your team and fill out the workbook together.

If you are curious about the roles needed to launch a M2DMM strategy, click here. Even if you are alone now, you can get started. Even if you don’t think you have the tech skills, you can get started.

How to Use this Course:

You will download a guided workbook that will give you space to respond to specific questions that will build your plan. You can print it out and draft your ideas or simply take notes within Microsoft Word.

We recommend answering the questions for each corresponding step before moving on to the next unit. If you would like to mark steps as complete and save your progress within the course, first create a Kingdom.Training account.

There will be an optional final assignment where you can upload your workbook. Following the submission of your workbook, a coach with Kingdom.Training will contact you to discuss your implementation plan.

We will also provide you access to our Implementation Checklist via Google Docs. You will be able to make a copy/download and begin using it with your team immediately.

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