Roles Needed for Launch

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Starter Roles:

Prayer Strategist 

A strategist is someone skilled in planning to find the best way to gain advantage or achieve success. Thus a ‘prayer strategist’ engages in and catalyzes prayer that both informs and flows from the team’s vision and strategy. They catalyze worship, becoming aware of gaps in reaching the vision God has entrusted to them and refining strategies to overcome gaps. You can download this Prayer Strategist job description.

Project Manager

Select a Project Manager if the Visionary Leader lacks administrative skills or works very well in tandem with those who can manage details. The project manager keeps all the moving pieces in check. They assist the Visionary Leader in forward momentum. 

Finance Manager

This role will manage anything related to budgeting, payments, and funding.

Expansion Roles:

As your M2DMM system grows more complex, you may find yourself needing expansion roles. However, don’t let filling these additional roles overwhelm you or halt your forward progress. Start with what you have and work toward what you need.

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