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What is a Marketer?

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A Marketer is a person who is thinking through an end-to-end strategy. Their job is to develop media content and create ads to identify true seekers and potential persons of peace whom Multipliers can ultimately meet with offline.

They are fishermen who identify the felt needs of a targeted persona, present a relevant message addressing those needs, and draw seekers into deeper engagement with the Digital Filterers.

They stay up to date on social media trends in order to get the right message at the right time in front of the right person on the right device.

What are the responsibilities of a Marketer?

Depending on the size and bandwidth of your team, the Marketer role could be split into two roles, Marketer and Content Developer. The content development side could also be managed by a team of creative thinkers with cultural insight. If you only have one person, that is ok!

Identify and Refine the Persona

Who is your audience? Before you can create content and make ads, you must understand the kind of person with whom you are trying to start a digital conversation..

The Marketer will be responsible for shaping and refining the persona over time. They will most likely make an educated guess initially and have to return to the persona many times to sharpen it.



Answering the questions: What is a persona? How to create a persona? How to use a persona?

Develop Relevant Messaging

What are the persona’s greatest felt needs and pain points? What will be the message that is going to address these needs? What is the best way to display this message?

Before the Marketer can create ads, they will need to understand how to post content that will be relevant to seekers. You could spend thousands of dollars on high quality videos, but if seekers aren’t asking the questions that these videos speak on, then engagement and interest will be low. Usually the best content is locally produced material that make the target audience feel it is produced from them.

Create Content Campaigns

The Marketer will brainstorm content campaigns with various themes that address obstacles, pain points, or events that are significant to the targeted persona. These campaigns are meant to draw in seekers so they will take increased steps of deeper engagement and begin to discover, share, and obey the Word.

Once these themes are decided, content will need to be developed and scheduled. These may be pictures, videos, GIFs, articles, etc. Sometimes you can use pre-made content such as clips from the Jesus Film. Other times you will have to create it yourself or outsource to others.

After you create the content, you will need to schedule or post according to your content calendar.


Content Creation

Content creation is about getting the right message to the right person at the right time on the right device. Consider four lens that will aid you in creating content that fits into a strategic end-to-end strategy.

Create Ads

After posting content, the Marketer can turn these into targeted ads.


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Evaluate and Modify Ads

Marketers will watch and manage ad campaigns. If the campaigns aren’t working, they will need to be stopped. Marketers will allocate funds toward the ads that are working the best.

Marketers will also adjust content and ads through analytics. They will look at aspects such as:

  • Page visits
  • Time spent on site/page
  • Which pages are visitors going to?
  • Which pages are visitors leaving from?
  • Relevancy

Evaluate Seeker Progress

A Marketer should not be satisfied with likes, comments or even private messages. This is what a Marketer must continue to ask, “Is our content and ads helping to identify true seekers or potential persons of peace? Are these contacts becoming disciples who go on to make disciples? If not, what needs to change?”

A Marketer will look beyond the online portion and maintain an end-to-end marketing strategy. They will gather data, stories, issues from the field to enhance the online content and adjust the persona. It is vital that Multipliers are influencing media content and media content is giving Multipliers better contacts.

A Marketer will need to consider the spiritual pathway a seeker is on.

  • Is the content building awareness that the message is an answer to the targeted persona’s needs? Maybe seekers have no idea there are Christians in their country or think it is impossible for someone to become a Christian.
  • Is the content building on itself, helping seekers to become even more open to considering the message you are sharing? Be careful in your tone. If it is combative it may cause seekers to become less open to your message.
  • Is the content fostering manageable stepping stones toward a response from seekers? If the content is asking someone to change their entire identity and become a Christian after watching one video, this is probably too big of a step for most. It may take several encounters with your content for a seeker to even private message your page.

How does the Marketer work with other roles?

Multipliers: As mentioned above, the Marketer needs to be in touch with what is happening in the field. Are Multipliers receiving quality contacts? What are common issues, questions and pain points among seekers that media can address?

Dispatcher: The Dispatcher will need to inform the Marketer of the capacity of the Multiplier coalition. If there are plenty of Multipliers to meet with seekers, the Marketer can increase the ad budget. If Multipliers are overwhelmed with contacts, the Marketer can turn down or turn off ad spend.

Digital Filterer: The Marketer needs to be in regular communication with Digital Filterers about the content calendar so they are ready and available for response. Marketers need to understand the type of response and contacts that are coming out of ad campaigns.

Visionary Leader: The Visionary Leader would help the Marketer to understand and stay aligned with the overall M2DMM vision. The Marketer would work with this Visionary Leader in deciding the targeted persona and who the media is trying to reach. Together, they would explore which demographics and geographical areas need to be targeted with ads.

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Who will make a good Marketer?

Someone who:

  • is trained in Disciple Making Movements strategy
  • is comfortable with basic levels of media creation (i.e. photo/video editing)
  • has a basic understanding of persuasion and forming a message
  • is a constant learner
  • is able to endure ongoing trial and error
  • appreciates data and is analytical
  • is creative, patient, and empathetic toward seekers’ needs

What is some advice for Marketers just getting started?

  • Social media marketing is always changing, sometimes even week-to-week. Make it part of your job description to spend time listening to podcasts, read blogs, attend seminars, etc.
  • Get coaching. It is an investment that can take you further a lot faster and prevent you from spending money in the wrong ways. Visit Kavanah Media to learn more.
  • Start simple. Start with one social media channel. Each one has its own tricks and challenges. Get comfortable in one before branching out to another social media channel.

What questions do you have about the Marketer role?

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