Why The Majority of Your Posts Should Be Video

Video is your strongest strategy for driving engagement in the world of marketing and social media. Its ability to captivate audiences, convey messages effectively, and conquer algorithms is unparalleled. Let’s dive into the benefits of using video and explore three key tips for building a winning video strategy.

The Video View Explosion

The rise of video consumption on social media platforms is nothing short of astonishing. According to a report by Cisco, online videos make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. This surge in video views is a clear indication of user preference for dynamic and visually engaging content.

Algorithm Love: Why Video Reigns Supreme

Social media algorithms play a pivotal role in determining content visibility. Here’s why video content often receives preferential treatment:

  • Dwell Time: Algorithms favor content that keeps users on the platform longer. Videos, with their inherent engagement, accomplish this effortlessly. The longer viewers watch, the more the algorithm smiles upon your content.

  • Shares and Comments: Videos tend to elicit more shares and comments than static posts. Algorithms perceive this as a sign of quality content and reward it with increased reach.

  • Click-Through Rates: Video thumbnails are eye-catching, enticing users to click. Higher click-through rates (CTR) boost your content’s chances of being promoted.

Three Tips for Building Your Video Strategy

  • Know Your Audience: Understanding your target audience is the first step. Craft videos that resonate with their interests, pain points, and preferences. Personalization is key to capturing their attention.

  • Optimize for Mobile: With mobile devices dominating internet usage, ensure that your videos are mobile-friendly. Use subtitles, as many users watch videos without sound, and keep video duration in check for mobile viewers.

  • Consistency is King: Establish a consistent posting schedule. Regularly engage with your audience through video content to build a loyal following. Consistency fosters trust and keeps your brand top-of-mind.

Video marketing is a potent force in the digital realm, driven by skyrocketing views and algorithmic preference. As you embark on your video marketing journey, remember to harness the power of audience knowledge, optimize for mobile, and maintain a consistent presence. Embrace the video revolution, and your digital marketing team will reap the rewards of enhanced engagement and visibility in the digital landscape.

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Photo by Saeid Anvar on Pexels

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