ChatGPT Just Built the Perfect Christmas Social Media Campaign

‘Tis the season for planning your Christmas social media calendar. We’ve talked a lot about AI in the past. Still, people are always writing in to ask, “how does our team get started using AI?” If your team is asking that question too, this week’s article is for you!

Imagine you’re just a few days away from December 1 and you haven’t planned anything for a Christmas outreach campaign. Don’t worry! ChatGPT to the rescue.

The MII team went to ChatGPT and typed in this prompt:

“What are 25 ideas for social media ministry posts that a church or ministry could use leading up to an invitation to connect for a spiritual conversation on Christmas?”

This is what we got back:

Here are 25 ideas for social media posts that a church or ministry could use leading up to an invitation for a spiritual conversation on Christmas:

  1. Advent Countdown: Share daily posts counting down to Christmas with scripture verses and inspirational messages.
  2. Christmas Carol Lyrics with Reflections: Post lines from popular Christmas carols accompanied by brief spiritual reflections.
  3. Nativity Scene Photo Series: Share different nativity scene photos from around the world.
  4. Community Service Highlights: Feature your church’s community service projects and how they reflect the spirit of Christmas.
  5. Christmas Bible Verses: Post and discuss various Bible verses related to the birth of Jesus.
  6. Virtual Christmas Tree Lighting: Host a virtual tree lighting ceremony and share the video.
  7. Christmas Prayer Requests: Invite followers to submit their prayer requests and share communal prayers.
  8. Behind-the-Scenes of Christmas Preparations: Share photos and stories from your church’s Christmas preparations.
  9. Christmas Sermon Series Teasers: Post teasers about upcoming Christmas sermons or messages.
  10. Testimonials of Faith: Share personal stories of faith and transformation related to Christmas.
  11. Interactive Christmas Bible Study: Host a live, interactive Bible study session focusing on the Christmas story.
  12. Historical Christmas Traditions Explained: Share posts explaining the history behind popular Christmas traditions.
  13. Daily Advent Devotionals: Provide short, daily devotional thoughts or videos.
  14. Christmas-themed Q&A Sessions: Host Q&A sessions about Christmas-related topics and spiritual questions.
  15. Family Christmas Activity Ideas: Share family-friendly Christmas activity ideas and ask followers to share their own.
  16. Virtual Choir Performances: Post videos of your choir performing Christmas carols or hymns.
  17. Reflections on Christmas Symbols: Post about the spiritual significance of Christmas symbols like the star, manger, etc.
  18. Christmas Book Recommendations: Recommend books that focus on the Christmas story or Christian living during the holiday season.
  19. Holiday Mental Health Tips: Offer advice and encouragement for dealing with holiday stress and loneliness.
  20. Christmas Mission Projects: Highlight and update about ongoing mission projects during the Christmas season.
  21. Interactive Advent Calendar: Create a virtual Advent calendar with daily surprises like videos, sermons, or songs.
  22. Christmas-themed Children’s Stories: Share short, children-friendly stories that convey the Christmas message.
  23. Christmas Movie Discussions: Discuss popular Christmas movies and their spiritual messages or implications.
  24. Virtual Christmas Concert Invitation: Invite followers to an online Christmas concert or event.
  25. Spiritual Conversation Invitation: After building up with the above posts, extend an invitation for a spiritual conversation around Christmas, focusing on its true meaning and significance.

When writing prompts, be specific. Think about your end goals and include them in the instructions like we did here. ChatGPT is improving every day, and our team has noticed that the GPT is currently doing a great job of responding with actionable and valuable strategies.

We have to say, AI is making great progress. So good, in fact, that we’d encourage you to copy the strategy above for your own team. Tweak it as you see fit, or experiment with your own prompt. Consider it an early Christmas gift from ChatGPT and MII to you.

Photo by Darya Grey_Owl on Pexels

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