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Important Social Media Marketing Terms to Know

There are many terms and acronyms used in social media marketing. As you work towards an M2DMM, these are some of the terms that will be good for you to know and understand.


Clickbait – an eye-catching, but a possibly misleading title (e.g. “I was about to be killed when I did this one thing!”). These are not wise to use and can result in poor ad response or your page being penalized.

CTA = “Call to Action”—a statement that encourages the reader to take action. This is the “So What?” part of your ad. What do you want them to do after seeing your ad?  Usually, it will be something like “Learn More,” “Message Us,” or some other activity.

CMS = “Content Management System”—a tool used to edit, schedule, and publish any kind of online written material. WordPress, and Joomla are two examples of a CMS.

CPC = “Cost per Click” is the amount of money you pay for each person who clicks to view an ad or another piece of online content.

CTR = “Click-Through Rate” is the number of clicks on a given ad divided by the number of impressions. For example, if an ad gets 1,200 impressions and 120 people click on it, the CTR accounts for 10%.

Impressions = the number of times your content has been viewed

Conversions = when a website visitor does some requested action (i.e. download Bible, message us, fill out a questionnaire, etc.)

Engagement = This is what you want in all of your social media channels — people interacting with your page(s) and the content that you publish on them. When people comment, share, or like, they are engaging with you.

Geotargeting = the option to target social media content to certain locations

Reach = only counts the unique individuals who have viewed a certain post regardless of how many times they have seen the content

Specific types of reach are:

Post reach – how many unique users who saw your post

Page reach – how many users saw any content you posted

Organic reach – how many users saw your content on their own

Paid reach – how many users saw your promoted piece (paid or boosted)

Retargeting = Sending targeted ads to an audience (anonymized) who have done something or fit certain criteria. This could be that they clicked on an ad, visited your website, watched at least 10 seconds of a video, or much more. Retargeting allows you to better respond to people based on their own interest and/or previous activity. For example, if a person watched 95% of a video, it is safe to assume that they are more interested than someone who only watched 2 seconds. With retargeting, the person who watched 95% could be shown an ad that would be designed for someone who is more interested in your page or content.

ROI = Return on investment in social media can be figured by determining the return (i.e. how many people responded, downloaded a Bible, etc.) minus the investment (how much you spent on Ad spend including other costs used to make the ad like video production, purchased pictures, etc.) divided by the investment.  ROI = (return – investment) / investment

SMM = Social Media Management. Software that helps you schedule and post your social media content. This can include Hootsuite, Buffer, Agorapulse, or others.

What other terms would you add to this list?


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