2023 MTM Global Survey Results—You Are Invited!

In this 75-minute online event, the MTM Coalition will release the results of the 2023 Global Media to Movements Survey and address the most significant challenges facing MTM practitioners today. […]

The 4 Pillars of Engagement

Social Media Ministry is ultimately about people. People who are hurting, frustrated, lost, confused, and in pain. People who need the good news of Jesus to help heal, direct, clarify, […]

Global Adoption of Digital Strategies

The adoption rate among global disciple-makers using a digital strategy to identify spiritually open people continues to rapidly increase. It is estimated 13% of all global disciple-makers are involved in an MTM […]

Accelerate Meeting

Meetings are famous for being wastes of time, boring, or unproductive. The title of Patrick Lencioni’s entertaining book, Death by Meeting, rightly summarizes many people’s feelings about them. As a […]

Shadow of Jesus comforts a woman with empathy

Empathy Marketing

People don’t buy things they don’t know they need. They don’t know they need Jesus but know they need peace. Use empathy in your messaging to engage others.

argument against digital hero

An Argument Against a Digital Hero

In the age of hacking, Russian election interference, Cambridge Analytica and other social media abuses, having a Digital Hero might hurt you more than help you.