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What is a Multiplier?

Multiplier Role Card

A Multiplier is a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. 

A Multiplier in a Media to Disciple Making Movement (M2DMM) system meets with online seekers in real-life, face-to-face. 

Every interaction, from the first phone call or message, a Multiplier seeks to equip the seeker to discover, share, and obey the Bible. 

What are the Multiplier’s responsibilities?

Respond in a timely manner

If a Multiplier has received a media contact, they will be expected to contact the seeker in a timely manner.

Windows of seeking open and close. The more time that goes by between a seeker requesting to meet with someone and actually getting a phone decreases the likelihood the first meeting will happen.

If you are using Disciple.Tools, a Multiplier would receive notice of a new contact that is assigned to them. They will have to accept or decline the contact. If the Multiplier accepts the contact, they will need to mark “Contact Attempted” in the contact’s record within the decided amount of time your coalition decides (e.g. 48 hours).

Cast vision

It is important that the Multiplier cast vision to the seeker to think beyond their individual journey and think about their oikos of natural relationships. Help them to feel the weight of being the only person in the entire café who has heard Jesus’ Gospel. Ask them and graciously expect them to share what they are discovering with others.

Again, Multipliers are trying to continually reinforce the DNA of discovering, obeying, and sharing everything the Bible says.

Rejoice with the Lord and the Heavens for every new brother and sister! It is truly magnificent to watch someone be born again. What is even sweeter, though, is when that brother and sister goes on to lead others to the Lord as well. If your vision is to see a movement of multiplying disciples, invite seekers into this vision and help them explore how their unique gifts and skills could create pathways for others to know Jesus.

Prioritize reproducibility

It is important for Multipliers to have a holy desire or ability to see past just the seeker and consider all the relationships this seeker represents. They are to ask themselves, “How can this seeker pass on what I am sharing to their family and friends who I may never meet?”

If the process you are using with the seeker is too complicated this could very well limit the seeker’s ability to reproduce it with others. Think about the models and standards you would use. Are they simple enough for any contact to mirror? This could range from a foreign printed discipleship manual to setting a precedent that you will pick the seeker up each time to meet. Could these contacts print these manuals themselves? Would it be implied that a contact would also need a car to do face-to-face meetings?

Everything you do both intentionally and unintentionally becomes a model for the seeker. Focusing on reproducibility will allow you to model the DNA that you want to be passed on to others and to show up even in the 10th generation.

Report on seeker’s progress

When you’re meeting with a lot of contacts and everyone is at different places of progress, it is hard to keep track of where you are at with each person. It is also super easy to accidentally let some people fall through the cracks while you’re focused on others. It is important to keep track of your contacts. This could be as simple as a Google Sheet or a discipleship management tool like Disciple.Tools.

This is not only valuable to the Multiplier but can aid the overall M2DMM process. Reporting will help to bring to light common roadblocks, questions, or issues that many seekers are having. This might be cause for additional training, strategic planning, or requesting the content team to address the topic on the media site. It will help leadership roles such as the Dispatcher or Coalition Leader to gauge the health of the M2DMM system and disciples’ and groups’ spiritual journeys.

To set up a Multiplier on Disciple.Tools and train them on how to use it, refer to the training manuals section of the Documentation Help Guide.

How does the Multiplier work with other roles?

Other Multipliers: The most direct interactions a Multiplier will have is with other Multipliers. This could be peer-to-peer co-learning, mentoring, or training others. It is also recommended to go to meetings two-by-two.

Dispatcher: The Multiplier will need to let the Dispatcher know they have accepted responsibility for a contact and their availability for whether or not they can accept new contacts. It is important for the Dispatcher to have an accurate feel for work load and capacity.

Digital Responder: The Multiplier would contact the Digital Responder if they were having issues with getting in touch with a contact. They may need the Digital Responder to reach out to the contact if a phone number is incorrect or they aren’t answering.

Marketer: If Multipliers feel like they are continually having the same issue, they can reach out to the Marketer to have the media team create special content on the topic.

Learn more about the roles needed to launch a Media to DMM strategy.

Who will make a good Multiplier?

Someone who:

  • is faithful
  • has a shepherd’s heart for the seeker
  • is a disciple worth reproducing— growing to be more like Jesus
  • has a passion not only for the church that is, but the church that will be.
  • longs to see the Kingdom come to family and friend networks where it currently isn’t
  • is available to meet with contacts
  • is aware of their capacity
  • is flexible with their time
  • is trained in and has the vision for Disciple Making Movements strategy
  • has language and cultural proficiency
  • is able to communicate the Gospel and read the Word with the seeker
  • has discipline and capacity to faithfully report or find someone to help them in that administrative area

What questions do you have about the Multiplier role?

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