Define Success

Dissatisfaction and discouragement are not caused by the absence of things but the absence of vision. – Anonymous

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What is Success?

Your Disciple Making Movements training will greatly influence your end vision. It is essential that you identify the characteristics that would make up a DMM and therefore have a clear definition of success. Decide where you hope to ultimately go. If your people group is at point A, what do you want point Z to look like? Start with the end in mind.

As you craft your vision statement, remember that this will be the ultimate tool with which you will constantly evaluate your work. Your vision is the umbrella over all other activities. There are endless numbers of ministry ideas you could pursue. However, filter out anything that does not lead to the end vision. The better you define your target/goal, the better it will serve you into the future and the more likely you’ll accomplish what you set out to pursue.

You can gather with teammates and ask God to give you His vision for your people group. It can be as short as “Igniting a Disciple Making Movement among the [insert unreached people group].”

What does M2DMM look like?

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