Design a Prayer Strategy

1. Read

Research shows that prayer is important. How will you engage your family, friends, and the Church in praying extraordinarily for a DMM among your target people group? There are many different ways you could do this. Extraordinary prayer is essential — starting a prayer network with a website and social media presence is not. Do not get stuck on this step. Whatever idea you can take action on is far better than the overwhelming idea that you can’t.

Every Disciple Making Movement in recorded history has happened in the context of extraordinary prayer. From beginning to end, this is a work of the Holy Spirit.

For those who have the resources to launch your very own “Pray4” network, there are several benefits:

  • A prayer network can increase global awareness of an Unreached People Group (UPG) and of the people group’s progress toward and barriers to the Gospel.
  • Launching this prayer network can familiarize you with many of the necessary media fundamentals that you will need later for the online media portion of M2DMM. (i.e. creating a website, launching a Facebook page, etc.)

2. Fill Out Workbook

Before marking this unit as complete, be sure to finish the corresponding questions in your workbook.

5. Go Deeper


  • Launch your own “Pray4” network by using “How to Start a World Changing Prayer Network,” a step by step guide that has helped catalyze dozens of other “Pray4” networks.
  • Check out this video that speaks to the role extraordinary prayer plays in DMM
  • Click here for some examples of existing prayer networks.
  • Consider developing a prayer app. Check out PrayforKurds in the Android and Apple mobile stores.
  • Think through ways to help churches launch small prayer groups for your UPG.
  • Google and brainstorm other ideas.