• Technologist


    A technologist is someone who can upgrade a M2DMM system as it grows more complex such as programmers, graphic designers, videographers, data analysts, etc.

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  • Marketer


    A Marketer is a person who is thinking through an end-to-end strategy. Their job is to develop media content and create ads to identify true seekers and potential persons of peace whom Multipliers can ultimately meet with offline.

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  • Multiplier


    A Multiplier is a follower of Jesus who wants to help other people become followers of Jesus but are able to do it in way in which those people can go on and make disciples too.

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  • Persona Development

    Persona Development

    The job of a content creator is to get the right message, in front of the right person, at the right time, and on the right device. A persona will help you do this very thing.

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  • Facebook Event Setup Tool

    Facebook Event Setup Tool

    Setting up and managing website events so that you can more efficiently target on Facebook used to require coding or access to developer help. Now Facebook’s Event Setup Tool will help you do that yourself!

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  • Empathy Marketing

    Empathy Marketing

    People don’t buy things they don’t know they need. They don’t know they need Jesus but know they need peace. Use empathy in your messaging to engage others.

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  • Digital Responder

    Digital Responder

    The Digital Responder responds to contacts online. They are to quickly respond, filter for true seekers and prepare them to meet offline with a Multiplier.

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  • An Argument Against a Digital Hero

    An Argument Against a Digital Hero

    In the age of hacking, Russian election interference, Cambridge Analytica and other social media abuses, having a Digital Hero might hurt you more than help you.

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  • Heavenly Economy

    Heavenly Economy

    Heavenly Economy is foundational to everything at Kingdom.Training Why does Kingdom.Training travel and do live training? Why offer hands on coaching? Why is Disciple.Tools free? Our broken world teaches that […]

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  • 7 Quick Tips for Creating Captivating Content

    7 Quick Tips for Creating Captivating Content

    1. Make Your Content Unique to the Culture and Language The internet is an overwhelming large place and your message can get lost. However, if you write your message in […]

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