Fajr’s Story

Fajr* was born in the Arabian Gulf and had studied Islam since his childhood. Despite this, he was troubled by certain elements of his faith and by how some adherents of Islam treated each other. Moreover, he distrusted the leaders and sheikhs who taught religion and gave advice. Eventually, this discomfort led him to do more research into Islam and to investigate Christianity. This is how Fajr came upon an Arabic website. When he contacted to learn more, one of the responders shared with him about Jesus, the message of salvation, and the forgiveness of sins, and Fajr accepted Jesus with great joy.

Every day, every minute, every second, my need and desire for Christ increases.


Whenever Fajr needed someone to pray with him, he would contact the responder. One time he was very ill, so he phoned the responder. After they’d prayed together, Fajr sent this text describing his experience:

From the very first moment I left Islam, right at the beginning of my journey of faith in Christ – I’m not exaggerating – from that very minute, I felt as if I had been born again, as though I had shed my old skin and been clothed in a brand new one. Now I feel the love, the security, and the inner peace I had been missing for so long. I regret deeply that I took so long to search about Christianity. It was as if my mind and will were shut off from pursuing Christ. I grieve for all the time I spent without salvation, without even searching for Christ. 

Something amazing happened to me on that day that we prayed together. For more than two weeks, I had been suffering from pain in part of my body. I wasn’t able to visit the doctor as I was so busy, and I kept hoping I would recover. Well, after we prayed together – I’m not exaggerating – as soon as you prayed for me, I sensed God’s love for me, and all the pain and suffering disappeared completely! After your prayer, I feel bold enough to be baptised as soon as possible. I want to cry out to God, to tell him, ‘Thank you for accepting me! Thank you for the grace and peace that you’ve given me! Thank you for showing me your light in the middle of my darkness.’

Every day, every minute, every second, my need and desire for Christ increases.

* Name has been changed and stock imagery used for security reasons.

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