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About Disciple.Tools

Disciple.Tools is a disciple relationship management (DRM) system for disciple-making-movement focused ministries that:

  • have an access strategy (media, for example) for finding contacts
  • value collaboration, immediacy, and accountability
  • aspire to hasten the day (2 Peter 3:12) and preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth (Matthew 24:14)

As a solution, Disciple.Tools is:

  • Unique: able to track and organize individuals or groups generationally
  • Secure: restricting database access based on permission levels and specific assignments
  • Scalable: relevant for individuals, groups, or movements
  • Open source: created in the WordPress environment on Github  requiring low-tech skills and allowing cheap and flexible hosting options
  • Customizable: adaptable through tens of thousands of existing plugins or affordable customization
  • Multilingual: facilitating cross-cultural collaboration
  • Strategic: providing dashboards, charts, and maps that boost clarity, accountability, and effectiveness
  • Integratable: automatically creating new contact records when a user private messages on Facebook or fills out a web form.

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