Documentation Help Guide

Feel free to view and play around with the Sample Data as much as you want. However, you are able to remove it when you are ready to use just your own data.

Remove Sample Data

  1. Click the gear icon Gear and select Admin.This will take you to backend of the website.
  2. Under the Extensions menu on the left-hand side, click Demo Content
  3. Click the button labeled Delete Sample ContentDelete Sample Content Button
  4. From the left side menu, click Contacts
  5. Hover over each fake contact that you want to remove and click Trash. This will remove them all from the system and put them into a Trash folder. To trash them all, click on the check box next to Title and change Bulk ActionstoMove to Trash. CAUTION! Be sure to uncheck yourself and any other user of your Disciple.Tools instance.
  6. From the left side menu, click Groups and trash the fake groups.
  7. To return to your site to view it without the same demo content, click the house icon House at the top to return

The Documentation Help Guide

Again, Disciple.Tools is in Beta mode. It has not been released publicly. The software is constantly being developed and new features will become available over time. There are many other elements important to learn for Disciple.Tools such as setting up the backend of your Disciple.Tools demo instance. As the system matures and news components become available, information on how to use them will be added in the Documentation Help Guide. To find this guide within Disciple.Tools, click the gear icon Gear and select Help

Long-term Usage of Disciple.Tools

As mentioned in the first unit, your demo access is only for the short-term. You will want to have your own instance of Disciple.Tools hosted on a secure server. If you are someone who desires the flexibility and control of self-hosting and feels pretty confident about setting this up yourself, Disciple.Tools was built for that possibility. You are free to use any hosting service that allows you to install WordPress. Simply grab the latest Disciple.Tools theme for free by going to Github. If you are a user who would rather not self-host or feel overwhelmed notion, stay in your current demo space and use it like normal. Whenever a long-term solution is developed for users like you, we will help you transfer everything from the demo space to that new server space. The main changes will be a new domain name (no longer and you will have to begin paying for the managed hosting service you choose. The rate, however, will be affordable and the service worth more than the headache of self-hosting. Please know that the demo sites are a temporary solution. Once the long-term hosting solution is finalized, we will have time limits on the sand boxes.