Introducing Disciple.Tools Beta

Watch this video to get a quick look into Disciple.Tools


What is Disciple.Tools?

The video above is a peak into one of Kingdom.Training’s sister projects called Disciple.Tools (Beta).

Disciple.Tools is a power tool designed to help Media to Disciple Making Movement (M2DMM) initiatives track the progress of their contacts as they progress from seekers to disciples to disciple-makers and church planters.

It is a type of software that is commonly called a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) in the business world, but Disciple.Tools is designed specifically for the DMM niche to track both individuals and groups as they mature and multiply generationally.

Who is it for?

  • Field Teams
  • Mission Organizations
  • Churches
  • Student Ministries
  • Mass Media

How does it work?

It’s structure promotes high levels of collaboration while keeping sensitive data secure. The aim is to help keep seekers from falling through the cracks as media teams and digital responders hand them off to church planters and disciple makers on the ground. It also helps disciple-makers working with numerous seekers to maintain focus and clearly see where the Kingdom is advancing.

The user interface is designed for mobile phones and has already been translated into half a dozen languages. The translation strategy is designed to easily accommodate additional translations as they become available.

How much does it cost?

You’ll find the price hard to beat as the folks behind Disciple.Tools are participants in the Heavenly Economy and are making the software available free of charge. They’re even developing it open source so that you can create custom modifications if the built-in customization options are not flexible enough.

Is it ready to use?

It is still in active development and labeled as a Beta product, but we wanted to tell you now because news about it is already spreading, and we believe it is ready for the Kingdom.Training community to try it out. We’d love for you to explore the demo and give feedback to the team of Kingdom-minded programmers as they continue development.

How to Get Started:

Spin up your own personal demo in just a few minutes!

Take an interactive tutorial course of Disciple.Tools

Explore this help guide for FAQ and how to’s

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