The Power of Storytelling in Social Media Ministry

Donald Miller, author of Hero on a Mission, unveils the power of story. While a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation may be a challenge to pay attention to, watching a 2-hour movie just seems more possible. A storyline captures our imagination and draws us in. This is the power of story.

As Christians, we know the power of story firsthand as well. We know that the stories of the Bible are formative to our faith and to our lives. The power of the stories of David and Goliath, Moses and the 10 Commandments, and Joseph and Mary’s Bethlehem adventure, all capture our imagination and our hearts. They are formative to us.

We should capitalize on the power of storytelling through social media in our ministry. We have the ability to tell stories in a way that has never really been done before and we must utilize this to its fullest impact. Leverage the power of storytelling by considering these 3 opportunities to tell a captivating story for your ministry:

 Tell Bite-Sized Stories

Utilize the feature of reels and stories to tell smaller stories. For example, share about the problem that your ministry is currently working on, then follow that post a day later with a second story about how your ministry is helping to solve this problem, and finally share a final post a day later sharing the results of what impact this work had. According to recent studies, the average viewing time of a Facebook video is 5 seconds, so make sure to make these bite-sized stories short, sweet, and to the point.

Clarify the Characters

As you tell stories on social media, make sure that you clarify the message and the characters of the story. The power of the simple story of Jesus is clean and concise. No matter who is viewing your posts, they have problems and pain that only Jesus can heal. Also, clarify what role your ministry plays in the story. Tell them how you are specifically helping in the story of redemption. Finally, make sure that they have a role in the story as well. Define for them how they can also be part of the story and the role that they can play. Viewers become heroes, you become the guide, and sin is the enemy. This is captivating storytelling.

Tell Their Stories

One of the recurring themes within social media is the power of engagement. Inviting user- created content, re-sharing their stories, and finding ways to tell the story of others will propel your ministry to the next level. Sharing begets sharing in both the natural and digital world. Be those who readily share the stories of those who engage with your content. Share the stories of lives being transformed. Share the stories of those who have sacrificed and given of themselves for the benefit of your ministry and the Kingdom.

It has been said that the best story always wins, and this rings true for social media. Utilize these tips this week to tell the incredible stories that are happening around you. Leverage the beauty of pictures, videos, and user-generated content to tell a story that captivates hearts and minds.

Photo by Tim Douglas on Pexels

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