1 – What is “Strategic Storytelling?”

Strategic Storytelling – connecting media stories directly with field ministries who are making disciples.

In this introductory lesson, Tom talks about an important shift in thinking as a content creator, toward making strategy a key element of his filmmaking process.

A story is often the first chance for someone to begin their journey, to engage with others, and to take steps of discipleship. Because of this, strategic storytellers can serve disciple-makers on the field by listening and learning from them and “wrapping” our stories into the field strategies.

Watch this brief video, then take some time to answer a few questions for your own team.


After you watch the video, either as an individual, or better yet, with teammates:

Think about your own experience with media and storytelling. Even if you are not very old, compare films, television, and other media from a long time ago (more than 10 years,) to what is popular and influential today.

  1. How do you find and consume stories now, as compared to years ago? What were the common channels, devices, and kinds of media content?
  2. How does that feel to you as a consumer or creator; is is exciting, intimidating, confusing…?
  3. If you are a content creator, how often have you crafted a project in partnership with field workers who will use it? (Maybe it’s a common practice for you, or maybe it’s a new way to approach your media.)
    • What might change for you if you were to try to “wrap” your media stories into the local strategies of field workers who want to engage with seekers?
  4. If you are a field worker involved in making disciples, how might this idea of strategic storytelling influence the kinds of stories you look for in your ministry?

Take some time to jot down your responses to these questions. Then, feel free to move on to Lesson 2 – What is Unique (or not) About These Stories?