Video Script Creation

Hook Videos

The purpose of these hooks videos is to define the audience and do better at ad targeting in order to find seekers and encourage them to take next steps.

The Strategy:

  • Run an ad for 3-4 days with a hook video targeting those with an interest of Jesus and Bible.
  • Create a custom audience from people who watched at least 10 seconds of the hook video.
  • Create a look-alike audience from that custom audience to expand your reach to more people who are similar to those who watched at least 10 seconds of the hook video.

What are hook videos?

  • Must be about 15-59 seconds each in order to use them on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • A simple video, usually a scene of local area with voice over in the local language.
  • Text is burnt into the video so people can see the words even if the sound is off (which most people watch FaceBook videos with the sound off).
  • The theme is focused on something the target audience is longing for.

How much is it costing to run a hook video ad?

In many countries where there are few Christians, this is costing between $<00.01-$00.04 per 10-second video view.

Script Principles

They touch on human needs: physical, spiritual, emotional, etc. It addresses how Jesus is able to be the one to meet each one of their needs.

Example Script 1

“For me, there has been so much peace in my family since knowing Him” – Azra

“He said to me in a dream, ‘I have a mission, a plan for your life.’ ” – Adin

“God has provided food for my family again and again.” – Merjem

“I went back to the doctor and the cyst was gone.” – Hana

“I knew that I had found my purpose in life and it felt like I was starting over anew.” – Emina

“I now know that I am now alone.” – Esma

We are a group of regular people who also struggle and suffer, but we have found hope, peace, and purpose.

Example Script 2

Jesus was one of the most beloved people to ever walk this earth. Why?

He was poor. He wasn’t attractive. He didn’t have a home. And yet… he had peace. He was kind. Honest. He had self-respect. He was not afraid to step into the hurtful situations around Him.

Jesus was loving, kind, peaceful and honest. Yet He had nothing. How was He able to be all these things?

Helpful Guidelines

1. Empathize

“Many people need desperately to receive this message, ‘I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about…’ You are not alone.”

Kurt Vonnegut

If the goal is to sit the seekers down with a believer and Jesus…

  • How can you send this message through your script?
  • How would you communicate to your target audience that they are not alone?
  • How would a believe in your context communicate this?
  • How would Jesus communicate this?

2. Highlight Feelings and Needs

“Vulnerability… seeing others be vulnerable and become encouraged to ask questions and share stories is almost like watching belonging take shape.”

Naomi Hattaway

Think about your target audience.

  • What are they feeling?
  • What are the felt needs?
  • Are they hungry? lonely? depressed?
  • Are they without purpose?
  • Do they need hope? peace? love?

3. Create Tension

The hook video isn’t meant to resolve all of their issues. It is meant to keep a seeker moving forward toward Christ and realize their need to talk to a believer online and ultimately offline. The “obedient step” is a DMM principle that keeps seekers taking additionally steps.

Ask a question and don’t feel the need to answer it. Invite them to click on a link to a landing page to discover more, request a Bible, and/or contact someone.

4. Ask Questions

“You cannot tell people what to think, but you can tell them what to think about.”

Frank Preston

Engage the minds of your seekers by bringing the vulnerability displayed in the stories to the doorstep of their hearts.

  • Can they relate to the sorrow?
  • Can they relate to the joy?
  • Can they relate to the hope?

Example from script: “Jesus was loving, kind, peaceful and honest. Yet He had nothing. How was He able to be all these things?”