Content Creation Overview

Lens 1: Disciple Making Movements (DMM)

The objective of every piece of content is thinking through how it will help lead toward a DMM. (i.e. How will this post ultimately draw seekers into groups? How will this post cause seekers to discover, obey, and share?). The DNA that you want to see reproduced from disciple to disciple and church to church needs to be present even in the online content.

A key to doing this well is to think through your Critical Path. What action step, or Call to Action (CTA), will the content ask of the seeker in order to move them forward in their spiritual journey?

Critical Path Example:

  • Seeker sees Facebook post/watches video
  • Seeker clicks on the CTA link
  • Seeker go to website
  • Seeker fills out the “contact us” form
  • Seeker engages in a private ongoing conversation with Digital Responder
  • Seeker expresses interest in meeting a Christian face-to-face
  • Seeker receives phone call from Multiplier to set up a live meeting
  • Seeker and Multiplier meet
  • Seeker and Multiplier have ongoing meetings
  • Seeker forms a group… etc.

Lens 2: Empathy Marketing

Is the media content empathetic and targeting the actual needs of your target audience?

It is important that your messaging actually addresses the real life issues that your target audience is experiencing. The Gospel is a great message but people don’t know they need Jesus, and they also won’t buy into something they don’t think they need. However, they know they need hope, peace, belonging, love, etc.

Using empathy will connect your audience’s felt needs and longing to their ultimate solution, Jesus.

Lens 3: Persona

Who are you making this content for? Who are you visualizing when creating a video, a picture post, etc?

The more clarity you have on who you are trying to reach, you will have a better

  • targeted audience
  • response rate
  • relevance since it will feel more local, relatable, and interesting to the audience
  • budget since you will spend less money

Lens 4: Theme

What kind of content do you want to create? What felt needs will it address?

Example Themes:

  • Human Deep Longings:
    • Security
    • Love
    • Forgiveness
    • Significance
    • Belonging/Acceptance
  • Current Events:
    • Ramadan
    • Christmas
    • Local news
  • Basic misconceptions about Christianity