Retargeting Ads

What is Retargeting?

When people have been to a certain place on your website or Facebook page and/or have done a specific activity, you are able to create a custom audience from these specific people. Then you retarget them with follow-up ads.

Example 1 : Someone downloaded a Bible, and you send an ad to everyone who downloaded the Bible in the last 7 days on “How to Read the Bible.”

Example 2: Someone clicks on the links in both of your Facebook ads (that correspond to two different landing pages). This person is probably very interested. If over 1,000 people have also done this, you can create a custom audience and then a Lookalike audience. Then make a new ad expanding your reach to a new but most likely interested audience.

Example 3: Create a custom audience from video views. Read more below to learn more.

1. Create a Hook Video Ad

To learn more about the process for how to make hook videos, take this course:


How to Make a Hook Video

Jon will walk you through principles and guidelines for writing video scripts, notably for hook videos. At the end of this course, you should be able to understand the process for how to create your own hook video.

2. Create Custom Audience

After your hook video is viewed around 1,000 times (ideally 4,000 times), you can create a custom audience. You will create an audience based off a minimum number of 1,000 people who have watched 10 seconds or more of the hook video.

3. Create a Look-alike Audience

Within the specified audience, you can create an audience that looks like them. This means that Facebook’s algorithm is smart enough to know who else is similar (in behaviors, interests, likes, etc) to the audience that already showed interest in your media. To learn how to do this, go to the next unit.

4. Create a New Ad

You can create an ad targeting this new lookalike audience expanding your reach to new yet similar kinds of people.

5. Repeat Steps 2-4

Repeat the process of refining and creating new Custom/LookALike Audiences based on video views. When you go to make new content campaigns, you will have refined your audience to people who are most likely interested in your media content.


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