How to Create a Facebook Lead Ad

Create a Facebook Lead Ad

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the marketing objective “Lead Generation.”
  3. Name Ad Campaign.
  4. Fill out the audience and targeting details.
  5. Create a Lead Form.
    1. Click on “New Form.”
    2. Choose Form Type.
      1. More Volume.
        • Quick to fill out and can be submitted on a mobile device.
      2. Higher Intent.
        • Lets the user review their information before submitting it.
        • This will decrease the number of leads but could filter for more quality of leads.
    3. Design Intro.
      • Header.
      • Choose image.
      • Type out the offer your a providing them if they will out this form.
        • Signup to get a Bible written in your language mailed to your house.
    4. Questions.
      • Choose what information you want to capture from the user. Remember, the more you ask, the less people will fill it out.
    5. Create Privacy Policy.
      • You will need to have a privacy policy created. If you do not have one, feel free to go to and copy off the one there.
      • Be sure to include a privacy policy on your website.
    6. Thank you Screen
      1. Thank about the next step you would want a user who submitted a form to take. While they are waiting for you to mail a Bible, you could send them to your website where they can read Matthew 1-7.
    7. Save your lead form.