How to Create a Facebook Ad

How to create a targeted Facebook ad:

  1. Determine your marketing objective. What are you hoping to accomplish?
    1. Awareness objectives are top of funnel objectives that aim to generate general interest in what you have to offer.
    2. Consideration objectives include Traffic and Engagement. Consider using these to reach people who may have some interest in what you have to offer and are likely to want to engage or discover more information. If you want to drive traffic to your website, choose “Traffic.”
    3. Conversion objectives are toward the bottom of your funnel and should be used when you want people to do some action on your website.
  2. Name your ad campaign using a name that will help you remember what you are doing.
  3. Choose or setup your ad account if you haven’t already. See the previous unit for directions on this.
  4. Name the Ad Set. (You will have a Campaign, then within the campaign an ad set, and then within the ad set you will have ads. The Campaign can be thought of as your file cabinet, your Ad Sets are like file folders, and the Ads are like the files).
  5. Choose your audience. In a later unit, we will show you how to create a custom audience.
  6. Locations
    • You can choose and even exclude locations. You can be as broad as targeting whole countries or as specific as a zip code depending on which country you are targeting.
  7. Choose Age.
    • For example, you can target university aged students.
  8. Choose Gender.
    • This could be helpful if you have a lot of women workers who are wanting more follow-up contacts. Run an ad just to women.
  9. Choose Languages.
    • If you are working in the diaspora and want to target to Arab speakers only, then change the language to Arabic.
  10. Detailed Targeting.
    • This is where you narrow your target audience even more so you pay Facebook to show your ads to the kinds of people you want to see them.
    • You will want to experiment with this and see where you gain most traction.
    • Facebook is able to pickup on their user’s likes and interests based off their activity within Facebook and the websites they visit.
    • Think about your persona. What kinds of things would your persona like?
      • Example: Those who like the Christian-Arab satellite tv program.
  11. Connections.
    • Here you can choose people who already have had a touch point with your page either through liking it, having a friend who likes it, downloaded your app, attended a event that you hosted.
    • If you want to reach to a brand new audience, you can exclude people who like your page.
  12. Ad Placements.
    • You can choose or let Facebook choose where you ads will be shown.
    • If you know your persona are majority Android users, than you can prevent your ads from being show to iPhone users. Maybe even only show your ad to mobile users.
  13. Budget.
    1. Test different amounts.
    2. Run the ad for at least 3-4 days straight. This allows the Facebook algorithm to be able to help figure out the best people to see your ad(s).