How to Create a Facebook Ad Account


Note: If any of these instructions in the video or below become outdated, view Facebook’s step-by-step guide on how to create a Facebook Ads account.

  1. Return to your Business Manager page by going to
  2. Click on “Add Ad Account.”
    1. You can add an account you already own.
    2. Add an account that is someone else’s.
    3. Create a new ad account.
  3. Adding a new ad account by clicking “Create Ad Account”
  4. Fill out info about the account.
    1. Name the account
    2. Choose the time zone you are working in.
    3. Choose which kind of currency you are using.
    4. If you don’t have a payment method setup yet, you can do that later.
    5. Click “Next.”
  5. Who will this Ad Account Be For?
    1. Choose “My business” and click “Create”
  6. Assign yourself to the ad account
    1. Click your name on the left
    2. Toggle “Manage Ad Account” to on which will turn to blue.
    3. Click “Assign”
  7. Click “Add People”
    1. If you want to add other coworkers or partners to the ad account you can do that here. You can also do this here.
    2. It is recommended to have at least one other admin on the account. Not EVERYONE should be admins though.
  8. How to Setup your payment method
    1. Click the blue “Business Settings” button
    2. Click on “Payments” and click “Add Payment Method”.
    3. Fill out your credit card information which will allow you do target Facebook ads and posts.
    4. Click “Continue.”

Please note that you can change your notifications settings at any point. The default is set that you will receive ALL notifications in regards to your business accounts. If you want to change that, just click on “Notifications” and choose how you would like to be notified. Your choices are:

  • All Notifications: Facebook notifications plus email notifications
  • Notification only: You will get a notification on Facebook in the form of the little red number that shows up on your main page for all your other personal notifications.
  • Email Only
  • Notifications Off