How to Create a Facebook A/B Test


A key to successfully ad targeting is doing tons of testing. A/B testing is a way for you to make single variable changes to ads to see which variable helped the ad to perform better. For example, create two ads with the same content but test between two different photos. See which photo converts better.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your Ad objective.
    1. Example: If you select “Conversion” this is when a user completes an activity that you have defined as a conversion. This could be signing up for a newsletter, buying a product, contacted your page, etc.
  3. Name Campaign.
  4. Choose Key Result.
  5. Click on “Create Split Test.”
  6. Variable:
    1. This is what is going to be tested. There will be no overlap of your audiences, so the same people won’t be seeing the varied ads you create here.
    2. You can test two different variables:
      1. Creative: Test between two photos or two different headlines.
      2. Delivery Optimization:You can run a split test with different placements across platforms and devices with different goals (i.e. Conversions VS Link Clicks).
      3. Audience: Test to see which audience responds to the ad more. Test between men and women, age ranges, locations, etc.
      4. Placement of Ad: Test if your ad converts better on Android or iPhones.
        1. Pick two placements or let Facebook pick for you by selecting “Automatic Placement.”