How do I use a Persona?

various personas

Content and Marketing Campaigns

The content and marketing team(s) will reference the persona when creating a new marketing campaign.

When choosing a content campaign theme, they ask questions like, “What is it that Jane (from the examples) needs to hear? Does she need hope?  joy? love? What does the Good News look like to her?”

When choosing which testimonies to feature on a social media page, the marketing team asks the question, “What part of these stories does our persona, Jane, need to hear?”

The marketing team listens to their audience, understands them and meets them through their media content in their felt needs. And, with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, every cent spent on ads can be used both with thanksgiving and intentionality to find potential persons of peace and see a movement of God in their context. 

Will the Persona Change?

Since a persona begins as an educated guess, you will need to keep sharpening it by testing it, evaluating it, and adjusting it along the way. Users’ responses to content, ads, and face-to-face meetings will shed light on this.

Look at ad analytics such as the relevancy score to see how well your persona inspired content is being received by the target audience.

Next Step:


Content Creation

Content creation is about getting the right message to the right person at the right time on the right device. Consider four lens that will aid you in creating content that fits into a strategic end-to-end strategy.