Final Thoughts

Message from Jon:

Thanks so much for the opportunity to help you and your ministry. 

We love getting to serve other ministries and we work as hard as we can to stay on top of what is working and not working in the area of marketing and media to movement strategies. I hope this course was a blessing to you.

This business (Kavanah Media) is solely supported by working with ministries around the world, and if you don’t mind, there are a couple of things that we would ask you to do to help us continue to be able to help provide the training and support that the mission teams need around the world.

  1. “Like” our Facebook page.  We occasionally post “How To” videos on the page, and we would love to make sure that you get notified when we post new content. 
  2. Tell Others-Because we are a business as mission, we are not a direct support work. We survive on the occasional donations and pay for services that ministry teams can provide. After seeing amazing results around the world and working with teams in over 40 different countries, we feel like we have some unique services and experiences that, Lord willing, will be a benefit to others in ministry. If you know of others who might benefit from our training or services, please feel free to refer them to us. They can contact Jon at [email protected], or by scheduling time. 
  3. Finally, if you feel like this course was a benefit to you, we would be grateful for any financial contribution you could make to our business as mission. Obviously there is NO obligation, we want to help as many people as possible, but if you feel lead to help us continue our work, you can contribute to this PayPal link: or click on the “Donate” button here on the site. 

Thanks again for the opportunity to serve you. We hope that it will help you accomplish your calling from God. If we can be of other service, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Jon and the Kavanah Media Team

[email protected].

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