M2DMM Roles

Digital Responders and POPs

In most Media to Disciple Making Movement (M2DMM) efforts, the Digital Responder is the first person to begin the process of filtering for Persons of Peace (POPs) among media contacts. The following tips were gathered by a group of M2DMM practitioners in North Africa and the Middle East to train Digital Responders.

Visionary Leader looking out over the city. Where next?

Visionary Leader

The Visionary Leader, in a Media to Disciple Making Movements (M2DMM) context, is dissatisfied with the status quo of ministry. They are willing to wrestle with God to discover how to leverage the technology He has entrusted our generation to accelerate a DMM.

Coalition (n) alliance formed for a combined action

Coalition Developer

Making Movements (M2DMM) strategy is someone who is responsible for mobilizing and training a coalition or team for the face-to-face follow-up of media contacts



A Dispatcher in a Media to Disciple Making Movements (M2DMM) initiative connects seekers from the online conversation with a Digital Responder to a face-to-face relationship with a Multiplier.



A technologist is someone who can upgrade a M2DMM system as it grows more complex such as programmers, graphic designers, videographers, data analysts, etc.

Marketer working with content team


A Marketer is a person who is thinking through an end-to-end strategy. Their job is to develop media content and create ads to identify true seekers and potential persons of peace whom Multipliers can ultimately meet with offline.

Multiplier Meeting with Group


A Multiplier is a follower of Jesus who wants to help other people become followers of Jesus but are able to do it in way in which those people can go on and make disciples too.

Digital Responder

Digital Responder

The Digital Responder responds to contacts online. They are to quickly respond, filter for true seekers and prepare them to meet offline with a Multiplier.

Digital Hero

Digital Hero

  Do you need a Digital Hero? This is a risk management question. Read this article as well as the article, “An Argument Against a Digital Hero.”  If you work …

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Roles needed to get started

Roles Needed to Launch

Learn about the key roles that are needed to get a M2DMM strategy started. One person may wear all the hats initially, but you will want to recruit others over time.